The Massages and Relax

The Oriental fundamentally consider the massage mean of transmission among the cosmic energy and the vital energy that the functions of the organs regulate. It is really the correct distribution of the energy in the organism at the base of the comfort: to favor her/it the Chinese massage the plant of the foot, the Japanese work the whole body with the shiatsu, the Indians they not only stimulate with the ayurveda the skin, but also the sense of smell and the sight with aromas and colors.
Massage and relaxation treatments for face and body
O.M.E.S. 5 Continents (1 hours)
It is a particular type of massage performed with rubber little balls, is associated technical olistiche with those massoterapiches, favors the relaxation.
Cupping Massage (50 min)
It is a particular type of massage, performed according to the ancient technique of the Chinese coppettazione, particularly suitable for rivitalizzare the fabrics..
Foot Reflexology (30 min)
It is a Stimulation through pression of the nervous terminations of the plant of the foot to act on the connected organs, reducing the sense of fatigue and restoring the physiological equilibrium.
Partial Cervical or Circulatory massage (15 min)
Particular technique of massage located on the cervical zone and finalized to the you achieve - chin of the muscular relaxation.
Antistress Massage (40 min)
It is a particular type of massage that is performed on the whole body, products are used to base of thermal water enriched of essential Oil or chocolate or milk or almonds and honey, the everything to get Relax and comfort through the technique of the winding contact of the hands with the skin.
Antistress Massage with Shiatsu Tecnique ( 40 min)
It is a particular type of massage, performed on the whole body, in which particular techniques of bodily manipulation are melted.
Shiatsu Massage (1 h)
It is an ancient Japanese massage based on the small manual pressures in determined and specific points ; it eliminates the pain and it favors the relaxation.
Aromatherapy Massage (40 min)
It is a massage useful against the tensions and the muscular somatizzazionis.
It is Performed with the aid of perfumed essences.
Ayurvedic Massage (40 min)
Particularly suitable to soften the joints, to treat sequelae of fractures and painful muscle tension and to facilitate relaxation, is practiced with perfumed oils.
Detoxifying Massage with the chocolate (40 min)
It is a type of massage, inspired to the philosophy ayurvedica, it acts in particular way on the lymphatic vases, activating the automatism of it and helping the elimination of the toxins.
It is used to improve the circulation and to attenuate the inestetismis of the cellulitis, to assuage and to relax the muscular tension.
Hot Stone Massages or Stone Terapy (50 min)
It consists of combining the benefits of the techniques of massage to the chemical ownerships of the heated volcanic stones. The power that is emitted by the stones creates a harmony and a flow of positive energies that help to reach a state of calm and meditation.

Relaxing Massage
( 40 Min)

It is the ideal massage to eliminate the work, to assuage the pain, to relax, to soothe muscular or articular pains, to invigorate the volume of some fabrics, but also to preserve and to improve the psychic comfort, loosening tensions, is of stress and work it is a technique that doesn't have the objective to give results physicians or fisioterapici; its principal purpose is that to furnish comfort and relaxation. The massage helps to assuage stress and work and makes us to feel attended and cuddled. The zones of the body where the tensions accumulate can be manifold: from the head to the neck, from the braccias to the back up to the feet. Thanks to the massage it increases the flexibility of the body, it improves the blood circulation, it stimulates the flow of energy and it contributes to produce a feeling of intense vitality. It is performed with healthy oils, aromatic or with the milk or with almonds and honey or with the chocolate.