The Therapeutic Massages

Massage was always considered a ineseauribile source of wealth as well as beauty. Was used since ancient times to soothe aching muscles.
Massage and relaxation treatments for face and body
Total Circulatory Massage (30 minutes)
Based on classic European techniques, this massage effect Drainage stimulates circulation while relaxing and relieves pain muscle.
lymphdrainge (40 min) - lymphatic drainage (30 min)
Massage technique that, relying on the main points lymphatic convergence, improves microcirculation and stimulates the elimination of toxins and excess fluids.
It can run all over the body (lymphdrainge) or only on the legs (lymphatic drainage). Recommended for those suffering from water retention and fat accumulation localized.
Drainage Massage (40 min)
Full body massage, which helps both circulations return (venous and lymphatic). Can be made with milk, or chocolate with almonds and honey.
Massage Connective Total (40 min) - Connective Tissue Massage Partial (30 min)
It 's a massage reflessogeno, whose therapeutic goal is the evocation of mechanisms reflected even in areas very far from the location or body segment in which they practice massage.
cellulite massage (30 mins)
It 's a specific massage to treat cellulite, is done in a soft then not too energetic to help dissolve the cellulite nodules.
Total Therapeutic Massage (30 min) - Partial Therapeutic Massage (30 min)
It 'a particular type of massage that promotes relaxation, particularly suited to alleviate situations of prolonged stress. It can be practiced all over the body (therapeutic value) or localized in some places (partial treatment).
Panoramic Massage (40 min)
It 'a kind of soothing massage practiced in the garden relaxing Thermae, the? Relaxation effect is guaranteed by? The natural environment in which it is practiced to? shadow of oak trees in a landscape where the blue of the sea mingles with the scent of flowers, the colors of nature, all to ensure maximum relaxing effect
Toning Massage (40 min)
It 'a type of massage that acts primarily on the muscles, improves the state of? el soul? psycho-physical balance through dispersal of negative energies. Is made with thermal water-based products enriched with milk or chocolate, with almonds or honey.
Toning Legs Massage (30 min)
It 's a massage that is practiced in particular on the legs and belly, to foster? Toning.

Firming Massage (40 min)
Massage designed to revitalize, firm and tone the tissues and to regain their natural elasticity. Acts not only on the muscles, but also on the dermis and global well-being and relax the person. It 'made with thermal water-based products enriched with milk or chocolate, with almonds or honey.

Total Slimming Massage (40 min)
It 's suitable for stimulating blood circulation in depth, before winning move in the fight against cellulite and bearings. It starts from the legs, buttocks rooms that are modeled, is passed to the waist and then the rest of the body.