Beauty treatments

All the aesthetical treatments are realized with products to base of thermal water of the island of Ischia.

Aesthetical treatment of the fingernails, with cut, cleaning and application of enamel.
Peeling Hands with Massage
Treatment esfoliante hands with massage.
Manicure e Peeling
Complete treatment of the hands, peeling and manicure
Pedicure Aesthetical
Aesthetical treatment of the fingernails of the feet with cut, cleaning and application of enamel.
Curative Pedicure
Treatment of the fingernails of the feet, in which besides the aesthetical aspect the curative aspect is privileged with the elimination of calluses, callosities.
Partial depilation
It intends one of the following areas of the body: groin, armpits, arms, moustaches. It is effected with wax.
Total depilation
It intends whole legs, groin and armpits.


Inside the Center Comfort is obligatory the use of Bathrobe, Slippers and Bonnets.
Possibility to rent Kit Accappatoio, Slippers and Bonnet at the Reception of the hotel.