Tratments Face

The skin of the face is very delicate and is the more one exposed to the external factors: the climatic aggressions, the solar rays, the pollution, the stress that they favor the aging and they leave evident signs. Going on with the years the care of the face becomes the base of the to sustain young people since the processes of regeneration of the skin are slower and the skin becomes thin more and more, weak and without light. Beauty reflects him in the soft skin and smoothed of a bright face, it cannot be stopped the to flow some time but surely the precocious aging can be prevented and to delay its consequences. Here, therefore, a series of suitable treatments for the face, from the massages to the masks to the personalized treatments.
Massage and relaxation treatments for face and body
Complete cleaning of the Face
The cleaning of the face is considered in the aesthetical field the treatment of base and serves to remove from the cutaneous surface the impurities, the dead (the horny thin plates in the street of desquamazione) cells and the black (comedos) points.
Cleaning Face / Body
It is a complete cleaning of the face and de body. Uses techniques very similar to facial cleansing, but is beneficial to draw the whole body.
Face Massage with technical Shiatsu
It is a massage performed on the face with particular technical Shiatsu.
Gomming Massage
It is a type of massage that favors the oxygenation of the face. It is suitable for mature skins, with effect antiage.
Anti Cellulite Massage
It 'a specific massage to treat cellulite, is done in so soft therefore not too much energy to help dissolve cellulite nodules.
Invigorating Massage to the Face
It is a type of massage that helps to give back tonicity to the skin of the face put to hard test by the daily traps.
Thermal Mud Mask
It is mask to the face performed with products to base of thermal mud. The mask is applied on the dry and clean (avoiding the contour eyes) face and left in laying for about 15 minutes, subsequently removed. It has a purifying action it is proper for skins mixed or fat with dilated pore and they have the characteristic to make the clearest skin, smooth
Mask the face with the white clay.
It is suitable for dry skins, because it has a moisturizing action.
Gel Disguises Face to the Lemon acydifing
It deals with a mask '' gel '' with lemon that is a acydifing action. It is particularly suitable for problems of acne.
Moisturizing Face Mask - Nourishing - Antiage Face Antiage Mask - Puryfing - Protective - Lenitive
They are the creamy masks very similar to the traditional creams from day, but they contain a great concentration you begin functional for a '' intensive effect ''. They are normally masks to moisturizing action, nourishing, antiage or decongestant, protective, lenitive. It must be applied on the dry skin and cleaning up; spent the time of laying (generally 15 minutes) it removes the possible excess with a cotton diskette soaked of water or tonic without alcohol.

Face Mask to the Collagene
It disguises it specifies for opposing the cutaneous aging. It develops an effective moisturizing fundamental for the beauty and brightness of the dehydrated skins, arid, with demonstration of microrughe and legs of hen.

Oxygenating Face Mask
It is a suitable mask for skins of the face tired, useful to fight the signs of the tiredness.

Personalized Face Treatments
These facial treatments that may be acting moisturizing, invigorating, nourishing, anti-action anti-aging, regenerating, or customized to meet the needs of every skin type.