It deals with a series of treatments recommended to those people with particular problem list, they are performed after an accurate consultation physician.

Consultation or Medical Visit
Check Pressure
Inhalations, Aerosol and Nasal Showers
They consist in the correct disbursement of thermal water, opportunely pulverized and administered for by suitable inalatoria for the one who has problems of the respiratory streets what sinusitis, allergic riniti, faringiti, laryngitis, tracheo-bronchitis and chronic bronchitis.
Thermal Turkish Bath and Thermal Bath
It is Thermal course, after a brief consultation physician, the Turkish bath and subsequently the thermal bath in the Source of the Nymphs.
The Turkish Bath is a treatment that develops him in a closed environment where relative damp is of 100% forming a fog from the stratified temperature, from 20/25C to the level of the floor up to 40/50C to the height of the head.
The perspiration is less intense than in a very warm and dry environment as the sauna, but since the permanence is more prolonged, the final result is often that the quantity of transpired sweat is superior. The Turkish bath has different beneficent effects because it favors a deep cleaning and purification of the skin, it is useful for the respiratory streets, it has an invigorating and relaxing effect and it reduces the stress.
The permanence in the Turkish bath is of about 15 minutes, to this it follows a cold shower and subsequently the thermal bath in the Source of the Nymphs, that is a thermal swimming pool with cervical Hydromassge and the temperature is 36 Cs.
The alternation of temperatures is essential to get good bodily reactions.
It is treatment located to the legs with the use of effect bandages cooling, that favor the circulation.
It is a massage that is developed by an instrument, can be held it a sort of massage to 4 hands. It favors the circulation, and it develops an action anticellulite and slim.
Idromassaggio e bagni termali
Water is source of comfort, and rising of life in all of its forms
The waters that feed our thermal swimming pool are waters salty bromine iodiche rich in iron and sulphur, with a temperature that varies from a swimming pool to the other between the 30 and the 36 degrees, with a natural color that varies from the clear green to the yellow.
Waters are reciprocated every day to guarantee the maximum benefit from their use. To get to the best a feeling of comfort and to recover a perfect Remise en Forms is opportune to follow some simple norms for the thermal baths.
The ideal consists of taking the shower before bathing in the swimming pool in partial or complete (to exception of the head, that goes to every case protected by a bonnet) way for a duration of about 15 minutes to immersion, alternate to at least 10-15 minutes of break. You advises not to overcome the three daily immersions and immediately not to do after the bath the shower, in such way that the elements that thermal water composes can continue to expound their beneficent ownerships on the skin.
Following these simple suggestions they are avoided that disagreeable effects of exhaustion and weakness that thermal waters can give if the times and the formalities are overcome recommended.
In every case under perfect physical conditions not a medical consultation recommends him.

Baths personalized
It deals with baths performed in the tub with hydromassage with thermal water opportunely enriched.
Bath with ozone,
Bath to the Milk (Nourishing Action),
Bath to the Wine (Draining Action),
Bath with essential Olii or Violet (Emollient Action),
Bath with the Natural Citrus fruit or Rosemary (Elasticizzante Action),
Bath with the Geranium or to the Natural Aromas (Invigorating Action),
Bath with the Mallow and Laurel (Soothing Action),
Bath with the Sage or Mint (Regenerating Action),
Perfumed Bath with Flowers
Bath with the Lavender (Relaxing Action).